Optima – an innovative, technological company

Optima IEC offers the most eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing high-quality glass containers.

We offer our customers the following services:

  1. Developing and designing glass containers. Ordering and producing containers of any design at glass factories on a contract basis.
  2. Preparing design documentation for form-building equipment (molds).
  3. Ordering and producing form-building equipment (molds) at the best factories in China.
  4. Producing wire snap jars as well as glass containers for packing red and black caviar.
  5. Producing large and very large glass jars (from 5 to 28 liters) on an exclusive basis.

Given the huge range of products available, more and more entrepreneurs are betting on packaging to give them a competitive advantage. Optima IEC responds to any request, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need here – from classic, standard forms to exclusive image-building glass containers.

These days, exclusive containers with various design configurations are getting more and more popular. This type of packaging helps shape a product’s premium look and sets it apart from its competitors. Among the company’s main focuses are the premium and deluxe segments of the glass-container market. We sell our own exclusive products and are ready to offer a full range of services to help customers design, develop, and produce exclusive image-building glass items, molds, and components of glass packaging. We place orders with major Russian glass factories and the best production sites in China.

The company’s main goal is to improve existing technology and the quality of products while maintaining a reasonable price policy. Our experienced experts not only continuously monitor the glass market and quickly respond to any changes but also actively develop the company’s involvement in innovative manufacturing projects.

We guarantee a personal approach for every client as well as an individual price calculation based on the parameters and shape complexity of the desired glass container. This approach ensures that you won’t overpay. Our designers, guided by experienced production engineers, will prepare and calculate a full estimate for the entire production cycle. All you have to do is to give your approval, then receive the packaging of your dreams in no time.

Major Russian and foreign producers of various products – from cosmetics to dairy products – trust us. We work together with premium federal retail networks.

Today, we can confidently proudly announce that we have achieved the nearly impossible in the Russian glass-packaging market: we are ready to offer innovative products that are as high-quality as those of foreign manufacturers, but at affordable prices. That’s why Optima IEC is a regular and welcome guest at both Russian and international packaging exhibitions. In 2015 and the first half of 2016, a considerable share of the total production of glass containers and components was exported, mainly to EU countries.

You can find our products on this website and place an order for an existing design layout in two clicks. If you are interested in the entire production cycle, please contact our managers by phone or by using the feedback form.